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to have stopped. u.s. president barack obama welcomed the news but warned this is not a permanent solution and an enormous cleanup still lies ahead. >> the undersea flow has been stopped for now. after almost three months, there is no sign of oil leaking out. tests are still under way, but hopes are rising the new metal cap can contain the massive pressure and put an end to the worst spill in u.s. history. >> we will do lots of analysis to make sure it looks like everything is as it should be. i think it is going to be several more days. we need to be cautious right now. it is a great site, but it is far from the finish line. >> president obama warned the cap is not a permanent solution. >> even if a shut-in is not possible, this new cap and the additional equipment being placed in the gulf will be able to contain up to 80,000 barrels per day, which should allow us to capture nearly all the will until the well is killed. >> even if the cap does hold, it is a temporary solution. bp has to seal off the lead permanently, and that will not happen until relief wells are complete in august. mill
>>> hello, and welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv. the top stories this hour, the u.s. senate votes for stricter regulations of banks and financial markets. the european union and interior ministers try to agree on a giant policy for asylum seekers -- on a joint policy for asylum seekers. and the case of an activist remains unsolved. >>> the u.s. congress has passed a sweeping overhaul of u.s. financial system, the biggest regulation changed since the great depression. that amounts to a crucial victory for president barack obama, who declared it a top priority in the wake of the financial crisis. the legislation faced strong opposition from a multitude of service lobbyists as well as most members of the republican party. >> negotiations over comprehensive and enter reforms had dragged on for months. in the end, bickering meant few republican supporters and a largely partisan vote, but it was still a hard-fought victory. >> i cannot legislate integrity or wisdom. i cannot legislate passion or confidence or competency. we gave them the tools and architecture to allow good people to do
clinton announces a new u.s. sanctions against north korea. german chancellor angela merkel defends her government pause performance amid slumping approval ratings. and astronomers find a massive star, 10 million times brighter than the sun. >>> the united states says it is imposing new sanctions on north korea to try to discourage it from behaving provocatively. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton announced the talks after talks with south korean leaders in seoul, following p'yongyang's alleged sinking of a naval vessel in march. it targets luxury items, and the sale or purchase of arms. . >> hillary clinton and robert gates in the demilitarized zone. it is a symbolic visit, one of a number of visits to show support for the south following the alleged attack on the south korean warship. gates used the opportunity to point out problems in the north. >> it is stunning how little has changed, and yet how much south korea has continued to grow. the north, by contrast, is in isolation. >> north korea's nuclear program is another stumbling block in its relationship with the outside world
. the u.s. government has condemned the leaking of tens of thousands of classified documents on the conflict in the afghanistan, saying it could threaten national security. they were published on the internet by wikileaks, which is an organization that specializes in publishing anonymous sensitive documents. >> there are reports from the from lines and have set on the afghan conflict. -- from the front lines and have sensitive information on the conflict. the leader of the taliban is a list of ordering attacks. the documents could be the tip of the iceberg. >> they do not include most reports from u.s. special forces. they do not include report by the cia. they do not include reports by other coalition bodies. but they do include the majority of regular u.s. army activity. >> the news out let that had access to the documents said that the u.s. special forces units had targets to be killed bin areas controlled by german troops. it insists it is not involved in targeted killings. >> the purpose of the list is to identify insurgents. our exports -- our special forces with of the
about the apparent erosion of the cdu senior leadership. the of the u.s. government of a lot of other 24 hours of testing in the gulf of mexico after export -- experts detected more leaking around the record bp oil well. pressure readings are lower than expected, indicating crude oil could be seeping into the surrounding bedrock. monitors say they may have observed methane over the well head. b earlyp admin it some bubbles appeared near the site but it is optimistic the containment cap placed last thursday will hold. ireland is still facing a slow climb out of recession. >> exactly. troubled news about european economies. currency markets are taking it in stride. ireland's sovereign debt was downgraded by the rating agency moody's. it dropped the creditworthiness one notch to aa2. moody's said arlen boston national that continues to swell and economic growth over the next few years looks unlikely. >> banking and real-estate retention of ireland's growth before the economic crisis. but today the country is full of real-estate nobody wants or can afford. the state had to create a so- calle
across the u.s., the committee of european banking supervisors released the results of their test. seven european banks failed. if the worst-case scenario came to pass, they would not have the capital they need to survive. hypo real estate was the only german bank that did not survive. five regional banks in spain failed as well. deutsche bank topped the results before the german banks tested. commerzbank also did well. >> the results are surprising because they are along the same lines we have seen for a long time now. there is a rise in the average capital ratio in the german sector from 9% in 2008 to more than 10% in 2010. >> spanish banks would need around 1.8 billion euros to survive another credit crunch. the head of the central bank in spain emphasized that the stress tests were only an exercise and not a forecast. he said that regional banks saturday been restructured. the results have been met with widespread relief. they show european institutions are in good shape but it is to be seen how the news will affect the markets. >> we are putting a lot of stress on the stress tests.
over tensions with bp, whose ruptured oil well has caused the biggest environmental disaster in u.s. history, and there is also an investigation into bp's involvement with the release of the lockerbie bomber. more than 100 people died in 1988 as a result of his bomb. he might be the most unpopular company in america right now, and it cast a long shadow over today's meeting, didn't it? >> it is the most hated company in america, even more than goldman sachs. but they called themselves by first names and it was an atmosphere of friendship. but bp was the dominant topic at the press conference, and especially thel ockerbie affair. they are building pressure to have a formal inquiry into the release of the bomber last year. the documents will be reread one more time to find out why this decision was taken back then. he made it clear he was opposed, against the decision a year ago. he still is, and thinks it is the wrong decision. >> he does not want the government to get involved in their own investigation. will he lean on b.p. any other way? >> conerning the oil spill, he said of cours
show that u.s. commanders, task force 373, carried out counterinsurgency missions in the german area of afghanistan. it is unclear what role german forces played. >> these are three things that are normally classified, but are made to all parties. if you want information about task force 373, then you will have to ask another country. >> but opposition lawmakers want to know if all necessary information on the afghan mission was released to parliament before it was voted to extend the mission. >> on the upside, germany's deutsche bank and the swiss banks are up in the last quarter of 2010. but the economic crisis has not left germany's biggest bank unscathed. here's a look at where the downturn has left this month. >> the lion's share of deutsche bank's profit normally comes in the investment division. in the past, this has accounted for as much as 90% of the gains. but in the second quarter, it was just half of that. instead, the bank's performance was buoyed by the fact edit had to said -- by the fact that it had to set aside profits to keep the bank afloat. ubs of switzerland did
with colombia. chavez accused them and the u.s. of wanting to instigate a war with his country amid accusations from bogota that its neighbor was hovering leftist guerrillas. chavez announced he would sever ties after columbia presented what they said was photographic evidence of -- after colombia presented what they said was photographic evidence of farc rebels meeting with leaders in venezuela. >>> heavy rains and flooding in parts of the province. roads are still flooded from the previous typhoon. the government has warned pele to stay ioors. china currently in the grips of its worst flooding in at a decade. storms have killed more than 700 people since the beginning of the year, with hundreds more still missing. >>> germany's defense minister guttenberg sayse will not be scrapping the country's compulsory military service. the proposal had been hotly discussed as part of moves to reduce the size of germany's armed forces and cut costs. law reform plans could still see the drafput on hold,- while reform plans could still see the draft put on hold, he said it will remain in the constitution.
inclusion as a human right will increase global awareness. the u.s. state of arizona says it will appeal a judge's ruling blocking key parts of a new immigration law. the ruling bloc's several provisions including one requiring police to check the immigration status of suspected criminals if the author believes the person is not legally in the u.s. the law has sparked controversy for the past three months. president barack obama has criticized it as misguided, but polls show a broad majority of americans favor the legislation. pakistan has declared a national day of mourning for victims of a plane crash near islamabad. all 152 people on board were killed. the airbus was operated by air blue and was flying to the capital. it went down in the hills surrounding islamabad. >> friends and relatives of the passengers gathered at the airport in islamabad, and to sleep awaiting information on the fate of their loved ones. the message could hold good news or bad. >> my older brother was coming on this flight. we have no further information. his name is on the passenger list. >> the wreckage of th
as the source of the leaks. battlefield consequences could be severe for u.s. troops, allies, or that the afghan partners. similar words of condemnation from a german general as the assistance of force in afghanistan. he spoke to the general by videoconference. >> it was an opportunity for them to answer questions from the press. it is something of an offensive after the leaking of sensitive documents onto the internet. publishing the information was irresponsible. >> a great deal of afghans who have worked as translators or in other positions have been identified by name. this really is something which has to be forcefully condemned. analysts say it puts pressure on pakistan's army chief. the media is trying to shift the focus away from the scandal to the gains being made under david petraeus and his strategies. >> you can eliminate fighters from the fight by offering them a more promising alternative. you can prevent potential insurgents from crossing over to the other side by improving conditions or their perspective on life. >> the brigadier general says it will take until 2014 before afghan
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)